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Today the Stewart family continues to own and operate three businesses
that focus on different areas of security and lifestyle enhancement:

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The new, Do-It-Yourself, Safe and Smart Home System. TechHomePro is created to fit every budget, no contracts attached!

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Your local Upstate Area home & business security solution, providing our customers with residential and business security services
for 42+ years!

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Connecting customers to the newest and most innovative smart home technology on the market!

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Stewart Electronics, Inc was founded in 1976 by Tony Stewart and is still owned and operated by the Stewart Family.

Since 1976 our family owned and operated businesses have sold a wide variety of residential and commercial burglar, fire, camera and lifestyle enhancement solutions.

In 1993 we became one of the first dealerships in the USA for the home automation industry with a product called the AMP Smart House system. (Obsolete in 1995) Today we continue to support AMP and MOLEX Smart House systems as well as other current brands.

Our experience spans three generations of the Stewart Family. Since 1996 we have distributed electronic products for the Home Automation industry to the retail, wholesale and DIY markets.

Since 2009 we have manufactured the ALC line of automated lighting products that are compatible with ELK, HAI & other automation controllers and as a standalone lighting system. During this time we have trained installers from all 50 states and over a dozen foreign countries in our automated classroom located in Lyman South Carolina.

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Founded in 2017, TechHomePro is a Do-It-Yourself security and smart home solution that ships programmed to your home’s exact needs. Customers shop online and devices ship with easy to follow instructions. There is no other system on the market that allows home owners to design and control their own safe and smart home.

TechHomePro DIY Safe and Smart Homes are sold through independent consultants all over the country.  Join the Smart Home revolutions and sign up to sell TechHomePro to start earning income immediately.

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Stewart Electronics Security was established in 1976 by Tony Stewart,  and continues to provide security solutions for homes and businesses across the Upstate of South Carolina.   Family owned and operated, Stewart Electronics Security takes pride in providing customers with customized burglar, fire, and camera installations.

Recently voted Best in the Upstate for Home Security, Stewart Electronics Security is the best choice for residential or commercial security needs.

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